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At 400 A.D. First Polynesians arrive from Marquesas Islands

At 900 A.D. Earliest recorded Hawaiian habitation on Haleakala

At 1200 A.D. Polynesians from Tahiti arrive in Hawaii

1778 Captain James Cook lands in Hawaii

1820 First missionaries arrive in the islands

1828 First recorded ascent of Haleakala by non-Hawaiians

1916 Haleakala established as part of Hawaii National Park

1935 First permanent ranger stationed at Haleakala

1936 Haleakala Visitors Center built, Road to Summit - built by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and Work Project Administration (WPA) is dedicated

1937 CCC completes construction of Kapalaoa, Holua, and Paliko cabins

1959 Hawaii becomes 50th state

1961 Haleakala becomes a separate National Park, Park Headquarters building completed

1962 Summit building completed

1969 Kipahulu costal area added to Haleakala National Park

1976 Park obtains Wilderness designated for 19,270 acres, construction of boundary fence for goat control begins

1980 Park is designated as an International Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO

1988 Crater District boundary fence completed

1993 Roughly one million visitors to Summit area. Roughly 500,000 visitors to Kipahulu area

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