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About Maui Downhill

The owner Rich Goodenough conceived the guided safari downhill bike tour concept in 1983. Maui Downhill is a division of Maui Bicycle Safaris, LTD, the oldest, most experience and most professional company in the business. Established in 1984, Maui Downhill has guided over 1,000,000 visitors down Haleakala from the summit to the sea, touring over 11 million miles on our custom-built bikes.

Maui Downhill offers a variety of safari bike tours. It is a breathtaking experience and there’s nothing like it. Our tours and Hawaii-certified tour guides have been voted "Maui’s Best Land Tour Experience".

Maui Downhill’s goal is to provide each guest with a memorable experience of the most exciting environmental bike ride in the world.

Maui’s unique topography provides our guests with a palate of sights and smells as they bike down the western slope of Haleakala. The terrain ranges from the impressive 21 switchbacks, through unexpected eucalyptus forests, past the island’s protea and flower farms and through the farm land of upcountry maui.

Excerpts from our guest book include comments such as: "Thanks for the thrill and sharing your beautiful countryside", "Awesome times and views", "The first activity we’ve done that’s truly worth the money", "Second trip with Maui Downhill". We feel that these sentiments tell it all!

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